A reporter for News 12 on Long Island was not cordially received when she paid a visit to the home of a woman arrested in a K-Mart parking lot for leaving her 14-month-old daughter alone inside her car with the windows barely cracked—on a day when the heat index was 100. Aimee Rachlin allegedly left the vehicle parked in "blistering sunlight" on Friday, one of the hottest days of the year. But on the plus side, at least she left the doors unlocked, so police called to the scene were able to rescue the toddler without doing any damage to her new Mercedes. Over the weekend, local reporter Christine Insigna dutifully went to the home Rachlin shares with her mother and, as you can see here, the Rachlins have their own special way of meeting the press:

Be sure to check out the 1:20 minute mark for even more absurd water-based absurdity. As Insigna reports, "It's not clear who the woman behind the hose is... but she had no interest in giving Aimee's side of the story." Rachlin is out on bail after being charged with endangering the welfare of a child; the girl is reportedly okay... except for the fact that she's been returned to her mother's custody. [Via Gawker]