If you still haven't brought home a Christmas tree, that's okay! We've got a map of vendors right here. But please, oh please, don't put your bit of holiday cheer in the your building's lobby. Because if somebody complains, the FDNY may have to take it away. And not because they are hot Grinch foot soldiers in the War on Christmas! They just don't want you to burn to death during the holidays.

As CBS notes, firefighters this holiday season have been sent out a number of times already to take live trees out of apartment building lobbies. Because according to the city's fire code it is unlawful to display highly combustible goods in building common areas. And, as this old FDNY video shows, Christmas trees are nothing if not highly combustible:

Which brings us to the fact Christmas trees aren't just dangerous to building lobbies; you need to be careful with them in your home, too! And to that end the FDNY has once again released their annual safety pamphlet on how to stay safe around the holidays [PDF] as well as a brand new holiday safety video. Unfortunately it seems their budget for burning things got blown early this year, so instead of a burning bush we got some lame animated "fire safety snowpeople" who just make us want to go watch that Campbell's commercial again:

Seriously, they couldn't even afford a guest appearance from Birdie?