Yesterday afternoon word of a strange incident came over the wires. What kind of an unusual incident? Why, the police were called to 84th Street and West End Drive because, uhm, a hawk appeared to have fallen out of a tree. Here at BodegaCatist Gothamist HQ we were concerned by the report, but a call to the NYPD revealed nothing more. And then today we found this video:

So yeah, red-tailed hawk down! And then, at the sight of the police, back up! (Ain't that always the way?) Maybe it just wanted to spend a little time on the ground? It doesn't appear to be eating, and we certainly hope it wasn't sick from rat poison, but at least it was healthy enough to fly across the street. Also, could that zen music be any more calming?

We've put out a few e-mails to try and find out more about what happened to this pretty bird of prey but have yet to hear back (a followup with the NYPD revealed nothing). We'll update if we learn anything more!