There's still considerable disagreement about the merits of red light cameras, which capture reckless drivers in the act. Mayor Bloomberg wants more of them installed around the city, while some politicians in New Jersey—where they abound—say they're disappointed with their impact on traffic safety. But we can all agree that the cameras are good for one thing: providing harrowing footage of traffic accidents. Here's a recent one from Roselle Park in NJ that, incredibly, only resulted in minor injuries:

The collision happened on June 29th at 5:30 a.m. One 29-year-old driver sustained minor injuries and was arrested for DWI. (No one else was hurt.) Roselle Park Police Chief Paul Morrison tells NBC New York, "I want people to realize what can happen when someone runs a red light. By showing this video, we hope people will realize running red lights can have tragic consequences."

At a press conference to announce more slow zones yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg blasted Albany for stymieing his efforts to make red light cameras ubiquitous. "The city should be in charge of its own destiny,” Bloomberg told reporters. “That’s why we had the revolution in 1776." Uhh, we're pretty sure the Revolutionary War was fought over bike lanes, Mr. Bloomberg.