Good morning, let's start the day off right with this video of a rat running around a subway car. Yes, inside the train. The "highlight," as we noted in the title, is when the rat crawls up the leg and over the face of a sleeping man. Ha, ha.

A skeptic might wonder if this could have been staged with actors and a professional rat wrangler. It's certainly possible, but if this video is fiction, that actor playing the sleeping man deserves a Golden Globe for his exceptionally understated portrayal of a man being awoken by a rat crawling on his face. Not to take anything away from that talented little rat (or its daring stunt double), but any other actor might have been tempted to chew the scenery a bit. Not this guy, he's all Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Anyway, so much for napping on the subway ever again! We had a good run. [Via NYC the Blog]