The sun has set on a disastrous Knicks season, but things have been steadily improving for the Brooklyn Nets in 2014. Despite a terrible start to the season and losing star Brook Lopez, the team finished the year 44-38, in second place in the Eastern Conference with a first round matchup against division leaders the Toronto Raptors. And a new rivalry may have been born today when Raptors GM and Knicks troll Masai Ujiri declared "Fuck Brooklyn" at a rally this morning.

Fans and beat writers were excited about the trash talking:

Of course, Ujiri did apologize, although it was more of a sorry-not-sorry scenario:

Ujiri may have inspired others with his loose lips:

But for Knicks fans and observers, this was just another reminder that Ujiri has been the Roose Bolton to the Knickerbockers' Theon Greyjoy: