Update Below"Racism is alive and well, I tell ya," says the upstate New York man taking the video below. We don't see what happens before the video starts, but both he and the woman seem to agree that the confrontation was sparked when the man started his car and scared the woman's children (which, in and of itself, is pretty odd). Regardless, what is captured on video is ugly and unmistakably racist: "I called you a n*****," the woman shrieks. "You're a n*****. Nasty fucking n*****."

Incredibly, the woman has the gall to accuse the man of being a 'racist n*****' several times, despite noting that her children "don't like black people either." As the video's uploader put it, "I'm more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from."

The video hits a crescendo as the woman beseeches her husband to come over and kick the man's ass. "He thinks he's gonna get something out of this," the woman rants to her husband. "Oh he knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for, you're not getting far bitch." For once, we really would have liked to have seen how this one played out with the police.

[h/t Reddit]

Update: The woman in the video has been identified as Janelle Ambrosia of Buffalo, NY. She has been all over social media all morning since her identity was revealed, defending herself by tweeting things like, "if you act like a n***** you're going to be called a n*****" and "I have black friends. So i don't need to hear opinions of people that don't know me." A Facebook page has been set-up dedicated to exposing her racism; the person who made it wrote, "Please show support to this page. Racism will not be tolerated and she clearly does not know that."

Ambrosia also called 93.7 WBLK early this morning to defend herself, saying the man "almost ran over" her son prior to the video starting; she also claimed that he called her a "crackheaded cracker."

"I'm not a racist, I have a black cousin," she says. "Quite frankly, if you look it up, n***** means an 'ignorant person,' it has nothing to do with race." When pushed about saying that her son 'doesn't like black people,' she added, "Oh well, I don't even know what I said, I was pretty pissed off."