When it comes to New York/New Jersey's two football franchises, the Giants have always been seen as the classier and more successful bunch over the Jets. The team itself has an ancient NFL pedigree, they actually managed to draft a Super Bowl-winning Manning, and their fans never turned a section of the Meadowlands into an unofficially sanctioned sexual harassment horrorshow. So I am shocked (and as a Jets fan finally smug) to see that one Giants fan puked on another Giants fan at New Meadowlands on Monday night, and that they got into a fistfight that sent them rolling down a few rows of seats, like a pair of common Jets fans.

The above video, via Deadspin, features a pair of Giants fans attempting to talk out their differences before one uttered the immortal words "Or I'm going to make you fucking regret it" in response to "Or what?"

Not that the guy who threatened the regret was allegedly in the wrong, since even having a beer spilled on you at a game is a huge annoyance, much less some lunatic puking all over you, as both the man in the T-shirt and witnesses on the video attest to.

At least Giants fans can find some solace in what's going on down on the field at the moment.