Around a dozen protesters were hauled out of a $1,000 per plate Republican fundraising lunch at the Plaza Hotel after interrupting a speech being given by Donald Trump.

Four of the protesters reportedly crashed the annual Commonwealth Club luncheon—sponsored by the state's Republican Party—by sneaking in through the building's side stairs, and were dragged out by security chanting "Trump is trying to bring us down, target people black and brown.” Another nine ticket-holding protesters stood up to make statements during Trump's speech, quoting parts of the poem "First They Came" by Martin Niemoller, about the cowardice of German intellectuals after the Nazi party rose to power.

Jamelia Hammami and Zakarariah Kronemer, who entered without tickets, said they wanted to send a message to the party's leading candidate that his statements about banning Muslims from the country were not acceptable. The protesters are affiliated with various racial equality groups, including Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

"Trump is exploiting a racial divide," Kronemer told PennLive. "It's leading to violence in the Arab community [in America]. The people must interrupt him anywhere he is invited to speak."

Jennifer Hirsch, a public health professor at Columbia University who held a ticket to the event, told the news site it took security only a moment to drag her out. "I kept reading it in my best professor voice," she said.

Trump, for his part, quipped that his interrupted speech was part of the cost of "winning."

“When you’re the front runner, you get a lot of attention,” he said.

Fracas aside, ticket-holders didn't seem overly impressed what they heard during the speech.

"It was a lot of what I've heard before," Gene Barr, the president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, told PennLive. "There was nothing groundbreaking."