The outer walls of Trump SoHo Hotel got a temporary redesign as local activists beamed images of Russian President Vladimir Putin onto the building during a projection protest Monday night. Bright images of Putin, along with messages including "FOLLOW THE MONEY" and "HAPPY TO HELP, BRO" (in both English and Russian) were projected onto the Spring Street hotel, while a group of protesters dressed in military uniforms waved the Russian flag from the sidewalk at roughly 10 p.m..

Robin Bell, a Washington, D.C. visual artist, took credit for the projections on Twitter, sending out a message addressed to the President directly.

Projections as a means of anti-Trump protest also took place on the eve of the 2016 election. Back then, before Trump's poll-defying win, New Yorkers were encouraged to "GRAB HIM BY THE BALLOT" by members of the Occupy-affiliated Illuminator. In his tweets Monday night, Bell pointed out that the projections took place on National Dollar Day, a little-known holiday marking the day in 1786 when the nascent U.S. Congress established America's monetary system. According to the Daily News, no arrests were made during the Trump SoHo protest.