Two brothers from Bay Ridge have become something of a YouTube sensation with a series of videos in which they provoke strangers in NYC. The provocations range from sitting on strangers' laps on the subway to approaching people in Brownsville and snatching their cell phones in order to "check the time." Here's Brownsville, which gets disturbing fast:

The laughs come easier in the amusingly awkward prank montage "Don't Tell Me What To Do":

Their "OckTV" videos have gotten hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, but one so-called "community advocate" named Tony Herbert is urging the brothers to knock if off. "This is juvenile ignorant behavior that borders racist overtones and truly can go really wrong at any given time thus causing harm not only to the victims but even more so to pranksters," Herbert tells the Daily News. Some people also have mixed feelings about Herbert.

Etayimm (Et) Etayyim, 21, and his 20-year-old brother Mohammed deny that they're racist, and Etayyim tells the News, "We target everybody, white people, Spanish people, not only black people." Indeed, they sat on a wide spectrum of laps in this video:

However, their classic "Do You Have A Problem?" video, in which they approach strangers with a calculator and inquire if they have a problem (a.k.a. a math problem), features only one non-black subject:

What do you think? Are the OckTV brothers racist? Are they even funny? Or are we asking these questions simply to pad out a blog post with their viral videos? Let us know in the comments!