The NYPD just released surveillance video showing the fatal confrontation between the Midtown shooting suspect—who just shot his ex-boss—and the police. The video shows the suspect, identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 58, aiming his gun at police officers who followed him. He appears to fire (or intimates that he will), because police officers, as well as pedestrians on Fifth Avenue outside of the Empire State Building, dodge out of the way. Then the police officers fire at Johnson, killing him.

This seems to be the video that Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly referred to during the press conference. Johnson was allegedly using a .45-caliber gun. Police reportedly fired 14 times at Johnson. Nine civilians were injured in the gunfire.

According to authorities, Johnson had an ongoing dispute with his former Hazan Imports boss, Steve Ercolino, 41. This morning, around 9 a.m., Johnson ambushed Ercolino in front of 10 West 33rd Street, where Hazan's offices are, and fatally shot him. Then Johnson, wearing a suit, ran east to Fifth Avenue. However, a construction worker saw the shooting and alerted two police officers, and the cops followed Johnson. Kelly said the cops had been "posted at the 5th Avenue subway entrance. Police officers approached, and Johnson pulled the pistol from his bag and fired on officers. They returned fire, killing him."

The Daily News had footage of another angle, after the police shot Johnson:

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