Have you seen either of these two men? If so, the police would really love to talk to you as they are wanted in relation to a six-week, 14-store crime spree across Manhattan in which they are said to have targeted bodegas, dry cleaners, and chains like Subway and Duane Reade in busy neighborhoods.

According to the police the pair (who don't always work together) don't seem to have a particular MO beyond hitting stores in high traffic areas including Chelsea, Midtown and the West Village. In at least more than one case they have acted violently and pushed store owners to get at registers.

Most recently the alleged thieves hit up a Payless Shoes on West 14th December 5th just before 7 p.m before then heading uptown to rob a newsstand on West 33rd Street.

The first suspect, who police said was involved in all the incidents, is described as male, 25—30, 5'8" with black hair and short braids.

The second suspect, who police say was part of at least seven of the incidents, is described as 25–30, about 6' with short black hair.

If you know anything about the pair, please call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS. It is anonymous!