NYPD divers rescued a fisherman from his sinking kayak Saturday morning. The man, whom the Daily News has identified as Daniel Ng, had been roughly a mile offshore from Coney Island Beach when his kayak began taking on water.

Ng used his own phone to notify a friend that he was in trouble just before 9:45 a.m. yesterday. That friend called 911, and soon after, a police helicopter spotted Ng and the kayak. According to police, two divers jumped from the helicopter and successfully pulled Ng, 33, onto a police boat.

After being taken to shore conscious and alert, Ng was transported to Kingsborough Community College. He refused EMS medical attention, police said.

"He had a look of a little panic and he was absolutely exhausted," NYPD diver Dylan Johnson told the Post after bringing Ng in from the water. "His boat was compromised with water. He said he hooked a pretty nice-size fish and it pulled him quite a bit."

Ng's kayak was also recovered. The police have released video of the ocean rescue, which you can see below.