The pilot of a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a Long Island highway Wednesday afternoon.

According to the FAA, the Cessna C206 aircraft landed in the westbound lanes of Sunrise Highway, near Exit 57 in Suffolk County, at around 1 p.m. yesterday. The pilot was the only person on board the plane, and the maneuver was a "precautionary landing," the FAA said. The cause of the improvised landing was not immediately clear.

"It wasn't good, but here I am," the pilot Jim O'Donnell said in an interview with WABC-7. "No bent metal."

"He came in under the overpass," Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron told the outlet. "He kind of threaded the needle there, and it looks like he did a pretty nice job under the circumstances. He didn't hit any cars, and no one got hurt."

Sunrise Highway is not an entirely unprecedented spot for non-traditional touchdowns—two summers ago, a Long Island man landed his plane on the strip of highway twice within the span of eight days.