A group of Occupy protesters who marched from Philadelphia to NYC converged with local demonstrators at Zuccotti Park this afternoon, where two activists were arrested and an elderly woman collapsed during a chaotic confrontation with the NYPD. A drummer participating in a jam session with protesters was arrested (video), and a photographer was subsequently arrested. Here's video of the photographer's rough arrest, which culminates at the 1:12 mark with footage of an elderly woman lying on the ground:

We're told the woman's name is Mary, an activist from Washington State who often marches dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Mary participated in the week-long 99-mile Guitarmy march from Philadelphia, which reached NYC today. There are conflicting reports on how she wound up on the ground—some observers says she was knocked down by police, but other say she had heat stroke and passed out. The FDNY tells us she fainted, and was treated at the scene and released.

Tensions between police and protesters appear to have died down at Zuccotti park for the moment, and we're told Mary is back on her feet and doing fine. Police initially tried to stop protesters from sharing a free pasta dinner in the park, but then backed off. Hipster cop is dressed casuallyin a short-sleeved T-shirt, cuffed seersucker trousers and moccasins. We'll update as more sartorial information becomes available.

(Reporting by Claire Voon.)