There are a couple important things to keep in mind whenever you visit the sixth borough: don't say hi to strangers, don't compare fatal shootings to Breaking Bad, and always, ALWAYS, be referencing Rocky. One Philly man fulfilled his duty on that last one by pulling a 'reverse Rocky' and backing his convertible down the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum late last night.

"Holy crap a guy just drove his car down the art museum steps and I have the (expletive) video. I was just driving by and see it. Omg," wrote Hugh E Dillon, who took the video above. Dillon told that at least five other cars and eight people were hanging out watching the festivities: "He was so deliberate in every single step. And then he went down backwards. It’s difficult to do. When he got to the halfway point, he did a victory lap."

"When he got to the bottom, he did another victory lap, then drove off," Dillon added." "He was smiling broadly. He was so happy with himself." That's exactly how I felt when I pulled a 'reverse Woody Allen' and married my mother.