Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has denied taking any performance-enhancing drugs after an Al Jazeera documentary claimed he received human growth hormone from a pharmacist in Indianapolis. "It absolutely never happened," Manning said during an interview on ESPN today. "The whole thing is totally wrong. It’s such a fabrication, I’m not losing any sleep over it, that’s for sure."

You can watch the documentary, The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers, below. In it, British hurdler Liam Collins reports on going undercover for months in an attempt to expose the widespread nature of performance-enhancing drugs in global sports. The documentary claims that Manning was given a supply of HGH in 2011, while he was recovering from surgery, by a pharmacist employed by the Guyer Institute. The report cites a former employee named Charlie Sly, who claims that they would send the drugs to Manning's wife: "And it would never be under Peyton’s name. it would always be under her name."

Manning said he was "disgusted" and "sickened" by this "total fabrication." He told ESPN, "What hurts me the most about this, whoever this guy is, this slapstick trying to insinuate that in 2011, when more than less I had a broken neck—I had four neck surgeries...It stings me whoever this guy is to insinuate that I cut corners, I broke NFL rules in order to get healthy. It's a joke. It's a freaking joke."

Both the Broncos and Indianapolis Colts organizations have released statements defending Manning. Here's the Broncos statement:

Knowing Peyton Manning and everything he stands for, the Denver Broncos support him 100 percent. These are false claims made to Al Jazeera, and we don’t believe the report.

Peyton is rightfully outraged by the allegations, which he emphatically denied to our organization and which have been publicly renounced by the source who initially provided them.

Throughout his NFL career, particularly during his four seasons with the Broncos, Peyton has shown nothing but respect for the game. Our organization is confident Peyton does things the right way, and we do not find this story to be credible.

And the Colts:

Sly has also recanted his story to Al Jazeera after he realized that it had used information he had "made up." "When I was there, I had never seen the Mannings ever. They were not even living there at that time," Sly said, according to ESPN. "Someone who worked there said they had been there before. That was the extent of any knowledge I had. I feel badly. I never saw any files. This is just amazing that it reached this point."

Despite the denials, and the fact Manning has hired former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer to manage the crisis (and possibly help them sue the network), Al Jazeera say they will still air the doc tonight: