A woman emailed us video of an extremely upsetting and frightening subway ride she had yesterday morning: A man stares at her while obviously pleasuring himself through his pants. Even worse, she says he followed her off the train. Update: The masturbator Facebook messaged the woman... to apologize.

The woman said, "I want everyone to be aware of this guy. I was on my way home this morning, got on the N at 42nd Street. This guy was doing this the entire way to Astoria Blvd. I waited to the last second to get off the train at my stop in hopes that he wouldn't follow me. Unfortunately, he did. When he saw me stopping at the attendant station, he bolted. Please make people aware."

Her friend also posted the video on Reddit, adding, "This was at about 5:30am Sunday (6/14/15), on the N/Q, in a mostly empty car... Even after about half a dozen people got on the train, he kept going. You can see at the end of the video how he covers his crotch when someone is about to walk by. She got up and moved elsewhere in the train car. He followed her. She waited until the last minute to exit the train in hopes he wouldn't follow. He followed her."

The woman filed a report with the MTA yesterday and is contacting the police today. Both the MTA and NYPD want anyone who thinks they've witnessed a crime to report it. When discussing a different incident, Sgt. Paul Grattan Jr. of the NYPD Transit Bureau said the public should contact the police, whether an officer at the station, at a precinct or by calling 911, explaining that witnesses "can't rely on one person to make the report—if 50 people are calling 911, then we'll have better descriptions" of suspects, he said, and the police can construct what may have happened more easily.