On Wednesday, frothing New York Post demagogue Andrea Peyser dropped her instant-classic diatribe against the new car-free pedestrian plazas on Broadway, deriding those European tourists who flocked to the open space while finding solidarity with... one homeless man. Joe Miller, who Peyser says "carried his earthly possessions in plastic bags" also shares the columnist's hatred for any human challenge to the automobile's supremacy: "It's terrible. I live in the streets. People smoke in the shelters! I can't stand it."

Opinions On A Car-Free Times Square from ANIMALnewyork.com on Vimeo.

Anyway, the rant inspired Animal NY to "hit the streets to speak to the people, the ones sitting in all that 'cheapo furniture' the philippic pundit railed against. As it turns out, the locals love it and the tourists are in heaven, despite being forced to sit in temporary plastic chairs like plebeians." Indeed, as this funny video shows, many New Yorkers are relishing the opportunity to take in Times Square in this new (temporary?) autonomous zone. One lounger even predicts: "It's inevitable for all this to be shut down." Unfortunately, Peyser is sure to shrug off the glowing reviews because one comes from a European—a Frenchman, no less, who actually says such a change would never happen in Paris!