Earlier this week, I spent a solid half hour crying after I read about the death of Snowy, the adorable and very photogenic cub of famed Grand Teton National Park's Grizzly 399. Nothing can bring Snowy back, but it's good to know our own iconic local bear's doing fine—Pedals, the famed New Jersey black bear frequently sighted walking around like a human, was spotted in Oak Ridge this week. Bless you, Pedals, bless you.

Pedals ambled into our hearts in 2014, after videos surfaced showing him wandering around on his hind legs in NJ neighborhoods. Apparently he hasn't been seen since last December, and last year experts were concerned he wouldn't make it through the winter, sparking a fundraiser that attempted to send him to a wildlife sanctuary . Luckily, Pedals is a fighter, and he seems to be doing quite well. A spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection told reporters he'll likely make it through next winter, too.

Though Pedals's humanlike ambling habits are adorable, there is a sad story behind all the cuteness—it appears he has some injuries to his front paws, hence all the walking upright.

Keep on keeping on, Pedals!