NBC New York has a video of a confrontation between Parks Department officers and a pedicab driver, adding, "There was no shortage of offensive language, so we turned off the audio for you. Merry Christmas!" Some commenters are suggesting conspiracy, saying, "It is the NYC carriage drivers that are harassing them and since the industry has tied with Christine Quinn, they are using the park dept to harass pedicab drivers," and "It was the horse carriage driver who started to harass them and took their pedicab."

History: Last year, the City Council passed a bill to regulate pedicabs by distributing 325 licenses. The bill would have essentially cut the number of pedicabs in half, so the pedicab community protested and sued the city. Earlier this year, a state judge struck down the pedicab licensing plan.

Related: Various groups, including PETA and the Humane Society, are trying to stop the horse carriage industry.