Carl Paladino is upset at the media for seizing on his various lightning rod statements. He told City Room, "It just seems like there’s a continuous misstatement, or abuse or exaggeration by certain members of the press that just keep chasing us around." But when there's video of him dropping the F-bomb during a town hall meeting this past March, why can't we all just enjoy it?

According to National Journal, the questioner says, "If you were the chief executive of New York, what would your response be to the attorney general of the United States deciding to hold terrorist trials in Manhattan?" Paladino answered, "Fuck him. Fuck him." WAtch the video—the question is at about the 2:10 mark.

[Now, Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg are opposed to having the terror trial of 9/11 plotters in NYC. (It sorta seems like Holder abandoned that idea, but who knows.)]

Also, City Room reports, "Mr. Paladino said it was 'probably' a mistake to allow rabbis whose congregations he visited on Sunday to have input into his remarks on gays. One of Mr. Paladino’s speeches on Sunday originally included a line deploring gay lifestyles as 'dysfunctional,' but Mr. Paladino said he had crossed out the remark, suggested by a rabbi, before the speech and never intended to deliver it. Still, he was widely condemned when a draft of his remarks that included the line was made public."