An enormous group of cyclists collided and hit the pavement in a brutal pile up in last weekend's Red Hook Criterium. And if you're already wondering "Didn't this exact same thing happen last year?" Yes. Yes it did.

According to a video uploaded to Instagram by Sawyer Adventure Company, the crash took place near the beginning of the Criterium's women finale race and saw dozens thrown off their seats and into a tangled, painful pile of limbs and aerodynamic wheel spokes. Cycling Today reports at least 15 riders were impacted by the crash, but only one contestant was forced to drop out of the race.

Have a look at the crash from another angle (which one YouTuber failed to capture until just after the critical moment).

And here it is again.

Last weekend marked the 10th annual Red Hook Crit, a race that is also hosted in Milan, Barcelona, and London throughout the year. The contest is an unsanctioned fixed-gear bike race held late at night, and, unlike more "official" races, is not covered by the medical insurance policy of USA Cycling. Four years ago, a 15-year-old rider was critically injured after slamming face-first into a metal crowd barrier, shattering his lower jaw.

Another frightening crash took place during the men's final race Sunday night, knocking a handful of riders to the ground mid-race. According to a description of the crash posted to YouTube, one rider was seriously injured, spilling "a dinner-plate-sized puddle of blood" on the pavement. The race was briefly paused and the hurt rider was taken away on a stretcher.