Time to start the awwwws: An animal shelter downtown shared some insanely adorable video of a wee kitten and her bond with a mama dog.

Animal Haven, located in SoHo, wrote, "Just about three weeks ago, a #Maltese named Coco gave birth to a (surprise) litter of puppies at the shelter. She is a wonderful mother and her puppies are healthy and strong. So when an orphaned kitten named Roadhouse was brought to the shelter, Coco was more than happy to welcome her into the 'family.' The puppies and Roadhouse have formed a beautiful bond and Coco even lets Roadhouse nurse right alongside them."

And here is the video!

Many people are interested in adopting Roadhouse, Coco and Coco's puppies, but there are also these amazingly adorable pets at Animal Haven! You KNOW you need a furever friend!