On Wednesday, the middle span of the old Kosciuszko Bridge was unceremoniously dragged to New Jersey, where it will be dismantled and recycled after 78-years of carrying traffic between Brooklyn and Queens. While Governor Cuomo initially planned to stick dynamite on the aging trestle and blow it straight to hell, the final voyage for the old Kosciuszko party bridge was mostly quiet.

The Newton Creek Alliance has video of the bridge's final voyage, sailing off to its eternal resting place.

The dismantling of the 300-foot trestle comes months after Governor Cuomo opened one half of the new Kosciuszko bridge, part of a $555 million project to replace the decaying bridge, which connects Brooklyn and Queens via the BQE. This was the first instance of a new bridge opening in the city in five decades, and also the first "performance" of Cuomo's increasingly controversial Harbor of Light bridge-lighting initiative.

The second span of the new bridge, currently under construction, will have a pedestrian and bike path, and is expected to be completed in 2020.

Here's what the final lowering of the bridge looked like, also courtesy of the Newtown Creek Alliance. Not even swords and wolves could save it.