Rats love New York City and rats love garbage, so obviously if you've got yourself a New York City lot that's full of mostly garbage, you've also got yourself a classic New York City Rat Playground. Something like this—you don't even need to turn up the volume to hear their squeals of pleasure:

Yes, that is an empty lot next to a Fort Greene deli that was positively swarming with rats yesterday. And worst of all, none of the rats are doing viral things like carrying pizza or eating pie. The best we can hope for is that, through sheer force of numbers, they will somehow attain virality.

A witness to the rat party suggested it could be the fault of a developer working on a condo for the lot. Marino Mazzei, the lot's owner, told Gothamist, "I pass by there every day and I've never seen any rats. But I'm going to get an exterminator and do what I need to do to take care of the problem."

Kissm, an employee at the nearby Fort Greene deli, told us that the rats were partying in trash from a neighboring restaurant. "We share a backyard with the restaurant next door and sometimes when there's garbage there temporarily, the rats will come from the neighboring lot," he said. "We take the garbage out right away though so it's not usually a problem, and they're everywhere in Fort Greene, not just here."

Rats love New York City, rats love garbage, but most of all, rats love human nonchalance in the face of rats.