Thanks to YouTube, more people can see tagging in action. The Post looks at the YouTubing of graffiti vandals/artists at work in the subways.

The vandals declined to be interviewed, but said that the trend began with graffiti writers who took to photographing their work because of the MTA's practice of painting over cars as soon as they're tagged.

Though this wasn't what the MTA had in mind when they tried unsuccessfully last year to ban photography in the subways, transit officials said these films are worse than smut.

"Vandalism is a disgusting act, and documenting it only compounds it," said NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton.

And the mandatory quote from City Councilman Peter Vallone: "They will not be able to hide behind the anonymity of their tags forever, especially when we have them on tape. We'll find out who they are, and when we do, they will pay for defacing the city's trains." So he's pro-YouTubing graf?

Yesterday, there was a NY Times City section article about "The Man Who Hates Graffiti" - Vallone. He is compared to Rudy ("He is to graffiti vandals what Mayor Giuliani was to squeegee men."), has his photo taken in front of a Kiko tag and had his scuffle with Bucky Turco is mentioned. And the clip above is titled "GIZ SLASH KECH MTA FTR KREW" (from 1994) and here's a link to DESA GIZ MTA KREW.