Last night, the Mets' game against the Texas Rangers was rained out due to the storm. However, the faithful--those Mets fans who stuck around while waiting to see if the game would be just be delayed--got a treat when some Rangers players decided to turn the tarp on the field at Shea Stadium into a wonderful Slip 'N Slide.

Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler decided to slide first, followed by Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Josh Rupe and Milton Bradley. The video above shows them having fun--and you can hear not only clapping but also the very loud thunder. Kinsler told the AP, "It was awesome. We're just having fun tonight. We haven't had any rain problems this year, so we might as well have some fun." The crowd ate it up, cheering and chanting, "Let's go Rangers!"

While some general managers might frown upon their players possibly injuring themselves, Rangers GM Jon Daniels said, "Guys just blowing off some steam. No harm done, no damage to the field. When was the last time you heard Rangers chants in Queens?" And Hamilton said, "We were saying we might be the last ones to do this in Shea Stadium. We bet that will be a trivia question: 'Who was the last team to tarp slide in Shea Stadium?'"

The Mets and Rangers are making up last night's game with a double-header today. Right now, Mets pitcher John Maine is pitching in the first game, and Pedro Martinez will start the second game.