18 days until the election and one day after their final debate, Barack Obama and John McCain traded zingers at the 63rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, held at The Waldorf-Astoria last night. (The Daily News says the event raised $2.5 million, which goes toward underprivileged children.)

The Page has a thorough pool report, and Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic compiled some of Obama's jokes: "I was originally told that we would able to move this outdoors to Yankee Stadium. Can someone tell me what happened to the Greek columns I requested?" The housing crisis "has been eight times harder on John McCain." And: "I got my name Barack from my father.... it's actually Swahili for 'That one.'"

According to Politico, John McCain "killed" with some of these gems: "This morning I’ve dismissed my entire team of advisers. All of their positions will now be held by a man named Joe the Plumber." And: “Even in this room full of proud Manhattan Democrats, I can’t shake that feeling that some people here are pulling for me. I’m delighted to see you here tonight, Hillary!’’ Ha ha. Click through for video of McCain's comedy stylings last night.