Last night, a man took of his clothes and streaked across Citi Field during the Mets-Braves game's fifth inning. This morning, the Post suggests it was "maybe the best base running of the night" while the Daily News identifies the "nearly-naked doofus" with "only a stuffed animal wrapped like a thong around the middle of his strike zone for modesty" as Craig Coakley.

Coakley is expected to be arraigned on charges of interfering with a sporting event and trespassing this morning. And it looks like his friend uploaded a video of the event, which starts with Coakley saying, "Right now, I'm about to make history." Warning, the friend uses the n-word (sigh).

It's unclear whether the thong truly did utilize a Mr. Met doll. Update: After the jump, here's a view of Coakley from the front:

Also, a view of the streak from another fan—the cheers were really loud because who doesn't love a crazy streaker?