On Friday night, a man was struck by a Brooklyn-bound F train after he lept in front of it as it pulled into the East Broadway station. The incident occurred around 8:36 p.m.—4th Battalion Chief Keith Anderson told us, "At least four trains cars ran over him." A tipster who was at the scene sent us videos of the FDNY and EMT responding to the incident, including the moment when they realized "we have a breather." Watch below.

The tipster, who was actually in the train with his wife when they heard "the thump and crackling from the undercarriage of our car," said the train conductor was visibly shaken by the incident. The conductor remarked, "Man o man, the last thing I thought I'd see before going home tonight was a dead man," and later, "that man jumped in front of my train!"

The MTA told us, "Person removed alive. Service impacted for about an hour." The NYPD added that the man was taken to Bellevue Hospital but there was no other information about the incident, or the current condition of the man, available.

Six months ago, during MTA-Transit Worker Union Local 100 talks, it was rumored that one of the issues being negotiated was allowing workers three (paid) days off after witnessing an accident; currently only conductors can take time off if the victim dies.