While many of us were glued to our Twitter accounts over the weekend to glean new information on Irene or poke fun at our misfortune, a Twitter identity was born out of Mayor Bloomberg's hilarious attempts at speaking Spanish during his numerous press conferences. El Bloombito, run by a Jewyorican stay-at-home mom in Inwood, Rachel Figueroa-Levin, offered hilarious and detailed jabs at the mayor's linguistic butchery. At today's press conference, someone finally asked El Mayor what he thought about his internet alter ego.

Roughly translated (it's been awhile), Bloomberg responds to a reporter's question about El Bloombito thusly: "I can tell you my Spanish skills come along little by little, but it's difficult because I'm 69 years old, it's difficult to learn a new language. Everyone thank you...thank you for your help." We're still puzzled as to what the mayor was referring to when he said "mumbieros." Maybe he meant "bomberos?" It's a shame that the Mayor's Spanish tutor wasn't around to correct him.

Earlier today, the Mayor's own Twitter feed proved it had a sense of humor, and tweeted at El Bloombito, saying "Me escuchas, El Bloombito?" or "Are you listening to me, El Bloombito?" with a link to the clip above. Not breaking character, El Bloombito tweeted a tidbit from the press conference: "Cuidado! Stayo away para los downed linos de power. Que Electrocuto! El BUZZZ!"

Figuero-Levin told us, "I'm tickled that Mayor Bloomberg reacted so humorously to the twitter feed. He's a class act and a fantastic mayorador." As for tips on where New Yorkers hoping to learn Spanish can turn, she says, "I think the best way to pick up Spanish is to watch Spanish language television. Anything that gives you language immersion."