After thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters took over Times Square yesterday evening for several hours as part of the ongoing anti-greed protests, an estimated 3,000 people assembled in Washington Square Park after 9 p.m. to decide on their next move. Ultimately, most chose to leave the park, but 14 were arrested by police after they broke the midnight curfew—you can see video of those protesters being arrested below. And now, it seems OWS is planning to assemble at Washington Square Park again tonight.

Mother Jones writer Josh Harkinson tweeted that he was nearly arrested as he was trying to film the above arrest in Washington Square Park. As you can see/hear, those few remaining protesters sang Woody Guthrie songs as nearly a hundred riot police surrounded the park and pleaded with them to leave peaceably or else face arrest.

The group will assemble at the park around 7 p.m. tonight to once again discuss whether they will attempt to occupy Washington Square Park en masse (members are asked to bring sleeping bags just in case). If they do, they will certainly be met with a similar police presence as last night, with more arrests guaranteed. Altogether, 92 people were arrested in NYC yesterday according to the Times: 24 accused of trespassing in a Greenwich Village Citibank, 45 during the Times Square rally, 14 at Washington Square Park, and 9 others from marches throughout the day.