Last week an Occupy Wall Street commercial started making the rounds online and now it looks like it could soon be appearing on a television set near you (though not on Comcast or Time Warner). The commercial's ad buy is funded via the San Francisco startup LoudSauce and has already hit its fundraising goal (though more money won't hurt). The whole thing is actually pretty cool.

Here's how the ad will make its way to the boob tube:

Occupy Wall Street started its LoudSauce campaign last week with little fanfare and a goal set for $5,000. Thanks to mostly word of mouth (through Twitter and Facebook), the goal was met by Friday. They'll be wrapping up the campaign at the end of this week, and the commercial should be on TV in the next few weeks (they said most likely on ESPN). For LoudSauce, that means buying air time from Google TV ads. They" give Google a set amount of money ($5,000 in this case) to be able to reach a set number of viewers (in this case, millions), as well as the specs for their commercial.

So watch out on ESPN, TNT, CNN and the like, you may well soon see some Occupiers telling you what they want. Can't wait? Here's a preview: