After Barack Obama's historic presidential victory speech in 2008, tens of thousands of exultant New Yorkers poured into the streets to celebrate. The focal points of jubilation were in downtown Manhattan (particularly the East Village) and Williamsburg, where massive crowds stopped traffic for hours. Last night, not so much. Here's the intersection of Bedford Avenue and North 7th in Williamsburg shortly after Obama's acceptance speech:

On the bright side, that poor guy finally caught a cab. THANKS OBAMA! For reference, here's the same intersection in 2008:

To be sure, there are a few plausible explanations for the contrast. First of all, Little Lord Mitt Fauntleromney kept everyone up hours later than necessary be composing his precious concession speech on tear-stained parchment with his quill pen. (It was widely reported that Romney had only written an acceptance speech.) So by the time Obama took the stage, it was 1:36 a.m.... way past Williamsburg's bedtime?

To be fair, there are a lot more strollers on the northside than their were four years ago. (On the other hand, Sasha and Malia were both wide awake and fired up!) Another thing to consider: the L train still wasn't running because of Hurricane Sandy, thus depriving the neighborhood of vital party-time lifeblood. Of course, that doesn't explain the lack of pandemonium in the streets in downtown Manhattan. Times Square seemed to be the only place in town with any substantiation celebration in the streets, and it goes without saying there weren't many New Yorkers there.

So why no mass expressions of euphoria this time? Is celebrating Obama's presidency so 2008? Was the prevailing mood in NYC last night more relief that Romney lost instead of excitement over Obama's win? Or were most of us simply too damn exhausted by the time Amtrak Joe joined Barry O on stage at 2 o'clock in the morning? And most importantly, can we sell our exclusive "Williamsburg to Obama: Zzzzzzz" video to FOX News for big bucks?