At a Democratic fundraiser at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, demonstrators disrupted President Obama's speech to demand more AIDS funding. Holding signs and shouting "Broken Promises Kill," the activists blasted Obama for, in their words, "failure to make a concrete commitment of US funding to the Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria... and called on him to contribute $6 billion over 3 years to the Global Fund." The Daily News notes that the elitist "Cabernet-sipping crowd"—which included Barbara Streisand—tried to drown out the protesters by chanting their dear leader's name:

Obama responded, "Young lady, you don't need to yell. Apparently you're interested in AIDS funding. But we've actually increased funding so I don't know why you're holding up the signs. We've increased HIV and AIDS funding. But your message was delivered." And as the hecklers expressed their displeasure over the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, Obama told them to go shout at Republicans for blocking this week's attempt to repeal the policy. And with the right wing reportedly more "energized" than progressives going into the midterm elections, Obama sarcastically chided his supporters for losing hope:

It's people feeling like: 'Well, we only got 80% of what we want, we didn't get the other 20, so we're just going to sit on our hands. ... It turns out bringing about change is hard. I thought it was going to be easy. I liked the cute poster of the Obama campaign. I enjoyed the inauguration. It was great when Beyoncé and Bono were singing. I didn't know that we were actually going to have to grind it out; that sometimes we'd have setbacks.

The President addresses the U.N. General Assembly today.