While some are responding to the imminent neutering of beloved alco-caffeinated-sugarcrap drink Four Loko with singsong candle-lit vigils, others are just plain freaking out. A bunch of NYU Local student reporters (including our own Zoe Schlanger) went around their neighborhood interviewing bodega owners about the impending ban on the life-affirmingly vile beverage.

What they discovered is that several of the owners were stocking up on as much Loko as they could; that included one owner who just bought 100 cases, because he sells "10-15 cases a week" to NYU students. He told them that though the ban on caffeine-filled Four Loko's goes into effect as of Dec. 10th, bodegas can still sell the cans after that date, provided that they received the shipment beforehand. We noticed something else: in the video, the cans are being sold for $6 each; we bought ours last night for $3 in Brooklyn. Are bodegas beginning to increase the price now that Four Loko is going extinct, or is this just another example of how everything is more expensive in Manhattan?