The big Occupy Wall Street march which drew thousands to lower Manhattan ended calmly, but things between the protesters and the NYPD have escalated in the past hour or so: Occupy Wall Street spokesman Patrick Bruner says, "Reports of our medics treating several pepper sprayed protesters. Mounted police officers. Barricades block Broadway and Liberty." And then there's this video of a high-ranking NYPD official (wearing a white shirt) batoning protesters who are trying to breach a barrier:

Here's video from another angle, via The Awl:

MyFoxNY reports, "Fox 5 photographer Roy Isen was hit in the eyes by mace from a police officer and Fox 5 reporter Dick Brennan was hit by what he believes was an officer's baton." Both were okay and continued to report:

Occupy Wall Street Protest Arrests; Fox 5 Crew Hit by Mace, Baton:

And here's video of one cop he hoped his nightstick would get a "workout" tonight.

Police apparently started to pepper spray protesters when they tried to cross over to Wall Street. While some protesters returned to Zuccotti Park, others remained and tried to pass the police barricades. Police also kettled protesters there. The Daily News reporter Christina Boyle Tweeted after 10 p.m., "Helicopter hovering overhead as crowd go east on Platt St then south on Pearl. Don't think it's more than 200 walking. Majority are young."

Earlier in the evening, Bucky Turco Tweeted, "Crowd surrounding Michael Moore at #occupywallst. He walked over and thanked a group of NYPD officers. Asked them to join the movement." Here's video of Michael Moore addressing the demonstrators, and a full photo feature on yesterday's march.