Perhaps some New Yorkers were a little too confident about their hurricane-skirting abilities. Reader Jackie Sheeler caught this Cadillac stuck on the FDR Expressway at 116th Street carrying two men who were clearly on their way to some VERY IMPORTANT business at 10 a.m. this morning, probably to close the deal on some flood insurance.

Around 4:00, you can see the NYPD truck push the car out of the water and back onto the road. Ms. Sheeler notes, the NYPD "is gonna kick their ass as soon as they get outta that car."

In other deeply emasculating news, the Wall Street Journal calls the NYPD's rescue of a Staten Island family from their BMW SUV stuck in a large puddle, "Humiliating." The driver, Dr. Elton Mara, said he saw other cars plow through the water and thought he could too. "Unfortunately, I failed," he said. Onlookers didn't let him forget it, with one shouting "Get a real SUV!" Indeed. Next time a hurricane strikes, either have a Canyonero in the garage or just stay put.