Times Square was briefly overrun last weekend by dozens of motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV riders determined to LIGHT SHIT UP in what became an impromptu motocross rally. At least one quad rider ripped donuts in an intersection on Seventh Avenue just after 1:30 a.m. Saturday night, and as a large group of motorcyclists prepared to head uptown, NYPD officers latched on to 22-year-old Queens resident Christian Ruiz, pulled the key from his Ducati, and arrested him.

NBC New York reports that Ruiz was charged with reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, and obstructing governmental administration. Video of Ruiz's arrest was posted to Instagram, in addition to other clips of the biker group's deafening hotdogging.

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What made officers specifically apprehend Ruiz is unclear from the available footage, as many other motorcyclists appeared to have been doing the exact same kind of ear-splitting revving. Several of the riders in the video appear to be on dirt bikes, which are illegal on New York City streets. Despite that fact, the NYPD has a policy of not pursuing packs of dirt bike riders (but they do have a policy of crushing them to bits). (Ducatis, however, are not dirt bikes.)

If you're the type of New Yorker who can't stand these loud bikers, then watching even just one of them get taken down is bound to be satisfying. But if you love that roar of untamed horsepower then head to Trenton, NJ this December for MONSTER JAM, where you'll pay for a whole seat but ONLY NEED THE EDGE.