It's unclear how the New York City Police Department officers in this video are exercising their authority in a manner in which the driver of this car feels the need to scream and go limp. But by the two minute-mark, the driver and the officer wearing glasses are arguing as equals. "Shut the fuck up don't speak to me I don't want to hear anything you have to say I'm speaking to your fellow officer!" the video's protagonist (or antagonist, depending on your point of view) screams into the officer's face. A few seconds later, the officer responds to accusations that the man and his companion were pulled over simply because of their race. "What does black have to do with it?" the officer asks. "Are you black? I don't pay attention to race, I'm sorry."

The men were pulled over near 73 Prince Street, and the video's uploader states that it occurred on Tuesday. We've contacted the YouTube user for more details, but the incident may be destined to be shrouded in mystery.

Were the men arrested for disorderly conduct? Were the officers exercising restraint because of the rolling cameras and gathering crowds or is this actually "CPR"? Did they all retire to Fanelli's for a pint after a quick run into the Croc store? If you know, drop us a line.