A dozen protesters were arrested during last week's Occupy Wall Street demonstrations against Bank of America and other symbols of corporate hegemony in New York, and as is custom for many OWS events, there was plenty of media on hand. Despite a memo from Commissioner Kelly directing the NYPD to respect the rights of the media, and the department's disciplinary actions against an officer who blocked a Times freelancer from doing his job in December, this video shows an officer hitting a credentialed photographer's lens and saying repeatedly, "My personal space, sir."

The photographer calls him an "asshole," and shortly after the officer displays his badge for him, other officers move in and shuffle their colleague down the line. The incident begins at the 2:30 mark:

Though we can't immediately confirm it, the photographer in question appears to be Andrew Gombert, an EPA photographer. We spoke with him earlier that day about his shot of Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona back in October, and his NYPD press credentials were clearly displayed. Here is a photo of Gombert after he was knocked down during the November 17 protests.

This video shows the NYPD disassembling a makeshift "Food Bank" outside a Bank of America branch, designed to give food away to passersby. After police clear the sidewalk there are at least two arrests visible.

We've reached out to Gombert for comment, as well as the NYPD.