Altogether, 73 people were detained yesterday during Occupy Wall Street's attempts to reclaim Zuccotti Park on the six-month anniversary of the start of the movement. Among those detained were Cecily McMillan, an activist who suffered a seizure after she was allegedly violently arrested by police—and a man identified as a medic who was allegedly slammed against a glass window on East 10th Street by an officer. Below, check out footage which shows the confrontation (the glass smashing happens around the 3:40 mark).

Video streaming by Ustream

The Nation identified the medic as "Jose." Guardian UK journalist Ryan Devereaux witnessed the altercation: "Just saw police slam a protester into this door, 55 East 10th. This was the result. Arrestee was punched in the face." A tipster sent us some photos of the incident, along with this account of what happened: "I witnessed the police shove the head of a man I was told by a number of people was a medic through a glass window. In the picture you can see he was not resisting and had his hands up peacefully while it was happening, unfortunately to no avail."

Another protester, Shawn Carrie, identified the officer who allegedly smashed medic Jose's head: "Officer Bovell...smashed a guy's head into a window and stomped on the back of Austin's neck as his head was up on a step." Carrie, who was arrested, added that he was also injured: "Police broke my left thumb and possibly my jaw. My right ear is bleeding and theres a bootprint on my face."

According to AP, officers took out their batons and began using force after a demonstrator threw a glass bottle at the bus that police were using to detain protesters.