Last month a Brooklyn man busted for marijuana possession blew the cover on a time-honored trade secret of the drug underworld: how to crotch your contraband. Apparently, the NYPD has discovered that drug users smuggle their stash in their underwear! And to make the process easier for the average drug fiend, there are now several brands of briefs with secret pockets in the crotch. This week the NYPD sent out a memo alerting all law enforcement officials to the underwear's existence... and just in time for tonight's Phish show at the Jones Beach State Park Police State :(

One of the pioneers in the underwear pocket racket is Stashitware, which features a crotch pocket big enough to contain a 67 ounce soft drink bottle. In this instructional video, the owner of Stashitware, Phillip Scott, talks potential customers through the complicated process of inserting objects into a pocket. "Plenty of room for stashin'!" declares Scott. "Money: That quick, stashed! Cigarettes: That quick, stashed! Magnum: That quick! Cellphone! Wallet! Lighter! Credit Card! Drugs! Jewelry! It's all in there." Of course, those of us with, ahem, larger endowments will be lucky if there's room left to squeeze in a stick of chewing gum. Here's the video [via Pat's Papers]: