Officers in an NYPD helicopter rescued a man who was stranded on a rock jetty in Raritan Bay yesterday, after high winds stranded his boat there. Timothy Shanahan Sr., 65, and his son, Timothy Jr., 22, ran aground onto a rocky jetty near Morgan Creek, on the south side of the bay, the Star-Ledger reports. Timothy Jr. was, according to the Post, able to walk the 400 yards back to shore through the shallow waters, aided by NYPD scuba divers. But the elder Shanahan, who reportedly told the officers he had 10 prior heart attacks and four strokes, had to be airlifted out. Here's the video (they start hoisting him out after the 2 minute mark):

The Shanahans weren't the only ones in trouble yesterday in Raritan Bay; according to the Star-Ledger, two small sailboats carrying members of the Perth Amboy High School sailing team were capsized by winds of 30-to 40 miles per hour. "There was a tremendous amount of wind today," local fire spokesman Capt. Kenneth Kozak said. One of the sailors swam to shore, and the others were rescued by a Perth Amboy police boat, after which two were taken to the local hospital for hypothermia.