The NYPD has been working hard this week, doing everything from securing powerless neighborhoods to helping wrecked ones, and even monitoring lines at gas stations. Yesterday, the department gave an update about its efforts so far—plus shared video of cruisers flooded by Hurricane Sandy in Coney Island.

PSA1floodMonday from Gothamist on Vimeo.

All told, 194 police vehicles were ruined by flood water. The NYPD adds that it has deployed 174 light towers to neighborhoods—the towers also have power strips so residents can charges phones and other devices. The NYPD press office release says, "At Beach 116th Street in Rockaway, a light tower prompted an ad-hoc town square, with residents gathering to charge their devices and exchanging storm stories under the warmth emitted by the powerful lights. Additional light towers will be delivered to neighborhoods that remain without power as they are received from FEMA or redeployed from neighborhoods where power is restored."

Many NYPD precincts facilities in Zone A were damaged, including 60th Precinct in Coney Island and 100th Precinct in Rockaway, and will require new boilers, generators, and water heaters. They must also be disinfected after contamination from floodwater.

Also, regarding police horses: "Twenty-eight police horses have returned to their stables on the Hudson River in Manhattan and in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn after being evacuated in advance of Hurricane Sandy. Twenty horses from police stables on the west side of Manhattan had been relocated to Troop D in the Bronx and to the MTA’s bus yard at 40th Street and 10th Avenue. Three from the Brighton contingent also went to Troop D, with the other five being transferred to Troop F in Queens. All returned to their stables uninjured and fit for duty, chomping at the bit."

Also: Over 500 cops' homes were struck by Hurricane Sandy.