Vigilante Thursday continues with this report from a former bus driver who was sick and tired of watching hulking death machines on wheels ignore the bus-mounted stop sign that's supposed to keep children safe. For months, Mike Corvino recorded a litany of offenders on his Bronx route—including an MTA bus and an NYPD cruiser. "I've watched some of the kids get off my bus and come very close to getting hit by cars," Corvino told NBC. "I've seen parents in front of the school do it."

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Sure, maybe it's a little disconcerting that Corvino always had his cellphone at the ready and used it to videotape cars while his bus engine was running and children were on board and everything. But sometimes the Eggs of Law must be broken to make the Flan of Justice.

Last year the NYPD issued 3,312 tickets [PDF] for ignoring a bus stop sign. The average amount of summonses issued over the past five years for the offense is 3,261.

Corvino no longer drives a bus, but he's pushing for the state to allow for cameras to be installed to catch violators. "I'm going to push this until somebody opens their eyes," Corvino said. "Somebody" will have to squint to see the speed cameras first.