The NYPD Harbor Unit performed an aviation rescue to save the captain of a 330-foot cargo ship as he suffered a heart attack in New York Harbor on Tuesday night. According to the department's press release, the harbor unit arrived at Captain Aly Akl's boat, which was between the Verrazano Bridge and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, at around 9:45 p.m. and decided that the easiest way to transport him to safety would be by helicopter.

Akl, 60, is an Egyptian, and was initially treated by Detective Robert Brager, a tactical medic, who gave him oxygen and aspirin as they waited for the helicopter to arrive. “He was in a lot of distress. He told us in broken English that he had a heart condition, and was experiencing severe pain, and having trouble breathing," Brager told the Post.

Officers, including Colin Woode and Detective Ralph Gaglioti, helped secure Akl into a Stokes rescue basket to be airlifted. NYPD Aviation 14's pilot Chirstopher Maher and his co-pilot, Sergeant John O'Hara, transported Akl to Staten Island University Hospital, where Akl is in stable condition.

“The way everybody worked together, it was picture-perfect,” Brager said. “Knowing the condition he was in, and if he remained on the ship he wouldn’t have made it, it’s a great feeling.”

The rescue was caught on the NYPD's extremely sophisticated cameras, and starts at the 0:44 mark; the airlift is visible around 3:13.