Despite beating the linsational Knicks earlier this week, nobody cares too much about the Nets this season. Deron Williams is leaving if they can't land Dwight Howard, and even their owner, billionaire Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, has been too busy focusing on the upcoming Russian presidential election to watch depressing games. But his Nets experience hasn't been a total bust: Prokhorov seems to have picked up some tricks from fellow Nets owner Jay-Z. Below, watch as he goofily raps on Russian television.

Prokhorov, who is running against Huffington Post contributor Vladimir Putin, made a guest appearance on “Projector Paris Hilton,” a comedy show on Russia’s state-run Channel One. The hosts invited him to join in on an English/Russian rap about his business yo-Mobile, which included several Jay-Z shoutouts: “Mr. Jay Z this is a first presentation of real rap music from Russian Federation,” one host raps. “Mr. Jay Z, I am not alone,” he continues, with Prokhorov rapping back “Mikhail Prokhorov on the microphone!”

Experts predict Putin will easily secure a victory in the election, with only 6 percent saying they'd vote for Prokhorov. But this is good news for the Nyets: Prokhorov can turn his attention toward wooing a big free agent like Howard to Brooklyn, and bring along some of his newfound confidence to the board room. As he declared with a fist in the air: “I am real Russian Eminem.”